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The consequences of criminal charges can reach every aspect of your life. Your freedom may be at risk, and a conviction could cause long-term damage to your reputation. Many crimes carry steep fines. Our Alabama defense lawyers have the knowledge and experience to fight the charges against you.

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You May Have More Options Than You Know

The stress of dealing with prosecutors and court appearances can wear on you, affecting your livelihood and your family. Our attorneys recognize the impact criminal matters can have on defendants, and we are committed to achieving a favorable resolution to your case.

When a complete dismissal of the charges is not possible, our attorneys know your options are not limited to a trial or plea bargain.
We are able to analyze the facts and often identify an alternative to trial which can help you pending on the circumstances, a pretrial diversion program may allow you to avoid a conviction and the stiff penalties that go with it.

We defend clients accused of a variety of criminal charges, including:

We Can Help Mitigate The Penalties

Our office offers more than 30 combined years of experience, and we are deeply involved in the local community. We understand the benefits of drug court, youthful offender status and other alternative resolutions. After we assess the facts of your case and your goals, we can help you pursue the legal solutions that best serve your interests.

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