Murder Defense And Violent Crime Attorney

Facing a murder or a lesser degree of manslaughter charges means your entire future is on the line. Fighting aggressively to avoid spending years in prison is your only option.

If you or a loved one in your family is under investigation for a homicide or any type of violent criminal offense in the Birmingham metropolitan area or central Alabama, turn to Dutton & Ellis, Attorneys at Law, for the aggressive criminal defense representation you can put your trust in.

We offer a free initial consultation. Call our office at 205-282-4370. We will meet with you at the police station or courthouse where you are being held.

Helping You Prevent The Harshest Prison Sentence Is Our Highest Priority

An arrest and conviction for any type of felony violent offense will remain on your record forever. Every future employer and landlord will be in a position of checking your background and making decisions about whether to trust you around others in the workplace or living in the complex. Our lawyers will work vigorously to help you get the charges dismissed or, if evidence allows, reduction to the lowest possible charge or an acquittal.

We Have Earned The Respect Of Local Prosecutors Throughout The Region

Prosecutors know that we work hard on behalf of our clients. We do the investigative legwork to find alternatives to the harshest penalties that can result from a conviction for a violent criminal offense. If you are facing an assault charge, domestic violence or have been arrested for any misdemeanor or felony offense, get the aggressive, effective criminal defense you need.

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