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Ending a marriage is often a process as unique as the people involved. At Dutton & Ellis, Attorneys at Law, our law firm offers clients more than 30 combined years experience assisting clients with family law matters, including contested and uncontested divorces. We have the skills to address any issue that may arise in your case.

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Saving You Time And Money In Uncontested Matters

If you and your spouse are splitting amicably, you may consider an uncontested divorce. This type of marital dissolution is faster and costs less than a contested divorce. Depending on the circumstances, we may be able to obtain a divorce decree in as few as 31 days after first meeting with you.

Uncontested divorces are only possible when the parties agree on every issue without argument or the need for lengthy discussions. Our firm can help you pursue this avenue if you and your spouse already know who will have custody of the children, what the visitation schedule will be, who will carry health insurance on the children, and how debts and property will be divided.

Fighting For The Outcome You Need

We know there are many situations in which a contested divorce is the only option available. In these cases, we fight for the issues our client values most. We also involve our investigator when we suspect that the other party may be hiding assets or income that could affect child support or spousal maintenance awards.

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