I have had the misfortune to need an attorney a few times in my life. The last three I have had Greg Ellis represent me. The first time I used Greg was at a parole revocation hearing. If you are familiar with the court system you know most of these hearings are a formality and parole is revoked. Greg was able to get my parole restated. Because of his dedication to my case I was able to make a fresh start and put my life back together. Immediately following that hearing Greg represented me in my divorce. I was able to get joint custody of my children so I am not a part time parent.

Eight years later I was involved in a dispute and found myself falsely charged with harassment. Greg was my first call. After several trips to court and one trial later I was found not guilty. I believe if I had hired an average attorney the outcome would have been different. Greg was prepared at every point in the trial and caught my accuser in false statements at almost every turn. I hope to never need an attorney again but if I do Greg will be my choice. He was honest and up front with me. He kept me informed and most of all he was always available to take or return my calls.


I had never been in trouble before. I made a silly mistake that did not involve drugs, theft or anything you see on the news. But I still faced felony charges. My buddy who was with me hired a lawyer who has billboards around town and paid much more than I did. He never saw his lawyer until the day we met the D.A. to resolve the case. I hired Mr. Ellis and he met with me immediately, went with me to investigate and personally spoke with me on several occasions about my case.

The officer investigating us wanted to bring felony charges and Mr. Ellis did a great job of keeping that from happening. He could have charged me much more because I did not want to go to prison and had no idea about the criminal justice system. He was fair, honest and personally involved with me throughout the whole thing. I would recommend him to anyone who has any kind of problem if is criminal or an injury.


Dear Mr. Ellis,

Nick & I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all the hard work you have invested in his case. I know you get frustrated with us at times, but thank you for being patient. You are a very dedicated lawyer, and you've exceeded our expectations. So much hard work was put into this in a very short period of time. No Matter how it turns out, we know we couldn't have had better lawyers to handle this case. You and your team are the best we've seen and we appreciate you so much. I will definitely recommend you to anyone that needs representing. We could never thank you enough.

I know I'm definitely gonna use you for any other Legal matters I have in the future. Again, thank you for all you have done, the Cloths, the food and all extra things you have done for us. We are going through the hardest time of our lives and we are grateful for the small things and the rough time you've helped us there. If you ever needed us to help you for anything in the future, we'd do our best to help. Map God Bless you and your family.

Nicholas Hall & Monica Gilreath